There is a factor of functionality when it comes to the choice of material to be used as a packing material between the tank outer wall and the supporting stand that keeps the tank in position.  Each material does have its strong and salient points and it is often the user that gets to decide on what would be the best thing to put between a stand and rimless aquarium.  For arguments sake a look is had at the different points to be considered in the given circumstances. best thing to put between a stand and rimless aquarium

            –Support to the tank: When it is considered that a liter of water weighs a kilogram, it brings to mind the relative high weight that water has.  Coupled is the realization that a typical rimless aquarium could hold more than a hundred liters, it bring to mind the enormous weight bearing capacity that the packing material kept in between the tank and supporting frame has to bear.

Thus it is understood that the material kept in between the stand and the aquarium must be able to with stand this heavy weight without giving in to the forces.

            –Hardened corners: The typical feature of water tanks to exert the most pressure at the corners thus setting up high pressure points is to be particularly noted. This would mean that the material must be flexible enough in its strength to allow for high pressure points to be set up at the extreme corners.

The particularly hard and sharp corners formed by frames of stands of aquariums make it very crucial that the material must not be shredded in the use.

            –Smooth surface: For maximum pressure to be transmitted to the frame, a substance that is malleable enough to fit into the contours of the frame must be chosen. This not only ensures a complete match but prevents build up of air pockets that could in turn cause unnecessary pressure build up in the confined space.

            –Level surface: There is no need to particularly stress the need to present a level surface at all times.  This not only provides stability but helps maintain balance of the entire set up thus preventing spillages and even in the very extreme of cases toppling over of the installation.

It is possible to find packing substances that have been adapted for use in this very specialized application.  But whatever substance is used, it is important that it can carry heavy loads as well as is tough enough to last quite a while. best thing to put between a stand and rimless aquarium

The choices for best thing to put between a stand and rimless aquarium

The choices are many with rubber, Styrofoam, cloth, and jute packing taking up the forefront.  But it could be any material that could last a while as it would not be easy to change the packing material from time to time considering the enormous weight that the tank display carries on its base.  It is usually plain common sense when the right choice is made in a lot of instances.

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